How to make a Clan Or Guild website.

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Here is a easy way to create a website that's professional looking, fast loading with gaming forums & more. No need for a HTML editor.

Getting tired of maintaining a old outdated website? Do you want a mobile friendly site for iPhone, Android or Windows phone? Want to start a BF1 clan or guild?

Enjin is the easiest way I have found, even if you don't know anything about website design. It's a no brainer and the sites load FAST! All you do is register, name your clan, pick a custom clan template and tweak it then tell people about it. That's it! Well..You do have to create some forums but it's easy. Enjin websites offer free hosting, have FREE clan and guild templates, flash banners, event calendars, forums, chat, shoutbox, application forms, match and scrim sign up, Clan Pay (if you want to go pro!) & more. Get your gaming community online for multi-player games like Battlefield 1 or Chris Roberts Star Citizen BETA!

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