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Need to add a Terrapin to my ship roster :(
Im down, still have lots of fapping to do to the SC stuff then Ill be on.
Posted to the New's section on the site. Will be moved later to the video's page.
Gamescom recap, its starts at around 1hr30 min into the vid. [link]
Watched a little of the gamescon for SC. Absolutely amazing. Great job RSI
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Drunken Mafia Services

Arrius1226 a posted Thu at 17:38

|Drunken Mafia Services Tab

We now Have a New Payment Option for DM services (servers, TS, and Website). The ability to pay is located in the same spot as the website group pay. This gives us greater ability to run Drunken Mafia and pay for our services as a clan. The payment options have changed but greatly improves on the original Group Pay. Now money received can be transferred to Teamspeak, Server services, and Website.

This Method allows for PayPal, Debit and Credit card usage. Please read and follow the instruction on the payment page once prompted. Thank you and Cheers! 

Welcome to your new website!

Arrius1226 a posted Jul 28, 16  -  InfoTemp

Welcome to Drunken Mafia's Website

Drunken Mafia is currently transitioning into a new website. A few changes within the clan it's self as well. Members grab a beer and register up. Plenty of work to be done but no reason you can't enjoy and check the site out. This paragraph is a place holder for additional work and its here for shits and giggles. It beats the original boring post placed here by the web host. 

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